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Libro: Sars – the global virus.

The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, known as Sars, is the first new global epidemic of the new century. Born in China it spread in
Sandro Calvani
Marzo 1, 2022

Articolo: Banking for the poor

Banking for the poor: Measure what we treasure or change the treasure? Global Pulse Magazine, 5 Apr 2016
Sandro Calvani
Aprile 5, 2016

Articolo: Big Questions of Our Time

Doing good and doing it well engender a change of human species. How people power is restoring smart global/local governance in a politically disconnected
Sandro Calvani
Febbraio 22, 2016

Press Release: Farewell message on re-assignment

Dear colleagues, I wish to inform you that my three years tenure of appointment as director of the ASEAN Centre of Excellence on U.N. Millennium
Sandro Calvani
Giugno 28, 2013

Articolo: The world book of Love (part 1/3)

Two years ago a group of a hundred experts from all the continents of the world shared their knowledge on different aspects of the
Sandro Calvani
Giugno 23, 2013

Articolo: Respecting academic freedom

Freedom and liberty are hallowed concepts which have been the bedrock of civilization for centuries. Martyrs for the cause of freedom have always upheld
Sandro Calvani
Gennaio 10, 2013

Notizia: Borderline Slavery

ARCMDG Director Dr. Sandro Calvani has authored a chapter in a new multi-authored book titled “Borderline Slavery” published in Oct. 2012 by Ashgate Publishing
Sandro Calvani
Novembre 2, 2012