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Sars – the global virus.

The Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, known as Sars, is the first new global epidemic of the new century. Born in China it spread in tens of countries and infected thousands of people. Wherever it became a problematic disease, it also severely affected the economy and social behaviours. The author tells the Sars story from the East Asian observatory: he lets common people and experts to represent the facts. Dr. Stefano Lazzari, a coordinator in the WHO Department for surveillance of communicable diseases has contributed the chapter on epidemiology. The book is introduced by Doctors without borders; it contains statements by Dr. Carlo Urbani who first recognized the new disease and alerted the W.H.O. and the Vietnamese government before falling himself victim of the disease.

Format: Paperback, 157pp.
ISBN: 8884770505
Publisher: Monti in Milan, Italy
Pub. Date: 13 June 2003

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Sandro Calvani. Foreword: Doctors without borders (Italy), 13 Jun 2003

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