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Notizia: Sandro Calvani, 2011 Prize “A Life for Humanity”

The Italian Diplomatic Academy awards the prize “A LIFE FOR HUMANITY” to Dr. Alessandro Calvani as an International Civil Servant in recognition of long
Sandro Calvani
Dicembre 6, 2011

Notizia: Asia to crack top university ranks

Educational institutes climb ladder quickly although they have a long way to go, Karl Wilson reports from Sydney. » Article on chinadaily.com.cn China Daily,
Sandro Calvani
Dicembre 2, 2011

Discorso: When social fabric is torn…

Presentation by Dr. Sandro Calvani, Director, ARCMDG at Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, at IFNGO Conference. Kuala Lumpur, 9 Nov 2011
Sandro Calvani
Novembre 9, 2011

Discorso: Human needs, human rights, human freedoms

Le droit international des droits humains à la sauvegarde de la dignité humaine. School of Peace and International Rights. Séminaire sur le droit international
Sandro Calvani
Giugno 22, 2011