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’Ya ba’, the medicine which makes crazy

The ya ba floods henceforth the Thailand: about 800 million tablets orange entered the realm the last year, against 100 millions in 1998, and pillules 25.000 would be sold every day in Bangkok, according to United Nations. The Thailand would count three in four million regular consumers.

The ya ba, made in dozens secret laboratories on the Burmese border, was until 1997 the drug of the poor men – taxi drivers and long-distance lorry drivers to remain awake(sharp) – but it goes henceforth on the rampage among the youth in the discotheques, turnip parts(parties), and certain schools and secondary schools of Bangkok. Supabun crossed(spent) the last 11 months in the biggest detoxification centre of the country, the Thanyarak hospital of Bangkok.
” We have about 700 patients (in detoxification) and 80 % are consumers of m?tamph?tamines against 30 % five years ago “, explains Boonruang Triruangworawat, director of the establishment.
While the consumers of heroine are generally trentenaires, the amateurs of m?tamph?tamines are much less old and the youngest patient in cure to the hospital not in than… Eight years.
Nanda Krairiksh, of the ESCAP (Economic and Social Council for Asie-Pacifique), explains that the average age of the first grip of ya ba fell of 17 years, two years ago, in 13 years.
” Many young people consume for their relaxation ” she explains, one finds the ya ba in all the social circles “and” everywhere, in every school, every university “. And even to temples Buddhists.
The charm of the ya ba lives(lies) in its ease of consumption, its weak price, sometimes hardly more than a dollar the tablet – and the false, but wide-spread idea, which it does not create dependence. The long-term effects on the body are not still well known.
” It looks like the aspirin, it is very cheap, easy to set ” confirms Sandro Calvani, representative of the agency against drugs of the UNO, the UNDCP, adding that China and Japan begin also to be very got(touched).
” It is the drug which stimulates brain, allows to have more sexual pleasure, more fast to dance, and which provokes a deep dependence because of the pleasure which she(it) brings ” he says.
The distribution networks are terribly effective. ” The dealers choose in a given school three or four children with problems, as poor children ” explains Viroj Somyai, assistant General Secretary of the Office(desk) of control of narcotics. ” They make them enjoy the ya ba, make them dependent and give them free of charge their drug provided that they bring it in their school and sell it to their classmates ” he explains.
As for the profits, they are widely assured(insured): a tablet which will be sold between 1 and 3 dollars is made for only 4 hundred.

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