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The trap of envy may destroy the best talent

The easy move from glory to insult through a splash of mud.

The case of Laura Antonelli, one of the most beautiful and famous actresses in Italian cinema, hit by evil and misfortune, reminded me of how many people who contributed to the good of mankind and famous people throughout history have ended in poverty or have been persecuted unjustly. It is easy to switch from applause to pillory and from glory to insult. Even for the most noble and innocent person, just a splash of mud is enough and immediately their colleagues begin to search faults, to discover fabricated errors, faults that are magnified.

How many people of great value has been crushed in this way! Socrates, the father of rational morality, was sentenced to death, Scipio, the victor of Carthage was charged up enough to force him into exile, Galileo the greatest scientist in history has been imprisoned, the creator of chemistry Lavoisier was guillotined among the insults of the people, Semmelweis who discovered the treatment of puerperal fever among women has been detained in a mental hospital. In Italy, I think of what has been done to Enzo Tortora, a sweet man, loved by the people, overwhelmed by vile accusations and pointed to the mockery, despite the fact that he was innocent of all allegations against him.

There is a mysterious closeness between glory and derision. The same people who shouted “Cheers” now shouting “Down,” those who shouted “I love you” now screams ’I hate you’, those who shouted “Life” now shouting “death”. But be careful, this sudden change of opinion does not happen spontaneously, it is always by someone who hated you since long time, who just takes advantage of the opportunity for convincing others. In fact, all those who lead, exceptional people of high value who are admired and loved, always have enemies who hate them and envy them in a ferocious way. While leaders are loved, admired and have power, people full of envy and hate cannot do anything else than grumbling and dream a revenge. But once a person of value weakens or makes a petty mistake or someone unjustly accuses him, the evil people trigger a campaign of slander and libel, spreads all kinds of lies, cry foul and make him appear like a scoundrel. And since the envious people are decisive and organized they easily drag others.

Sure, there are those who do not easily change their opinion, but the majority follows the slander campaign like a flock of sheep. Thus a tiny minority of evil and envious people can lead the best of the group to ruin by manipulating the mistrust, suspicion and credulity of the masses.

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