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Sergio Chiamparino and Sandro Calvani are the laureates of the International award Artisan of Peace for 2010

The awarding ceremony will be hosted at the Arsenal of Peace in Piazza Borgo Dora in Turin on June 15th at 6:30 pm, immediately after a speech by the Mayor of Turin.

According to Wikipedia […the Artisan of Peace Award is a recognition awarded annually to people or institutions who have contributed to build peace with honesty, steadfastness and willingness to support dialogue and education. The prize was founded in 1981, when it was given to Sandro Pertini and Michael Pellegrino, former archbishop of Turin. In later editions the awards have been awarded to people and institutions of very different ideas, beliefs and scope but united by having, by their actions and creativity, helped make the world less unjust and human life more worth living. Among the winners there are prominent figures of the Intl. Peace movement like Luciano Mendes de Almeida, Pope John Paul II and Helder Camara, lay thinkers and political leaders like Sandro Pertini, Benigno Zaccagnini, Massimo d’Alema, Mikhail Gorbachev, Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva, King Abdullah Bin El Hussein, Lech Walesa and Norberto Bobbio, personalities who strengthened volunteer work and solidarity with developing countries such as Mother Theresa of Calcutta, George Ceragioli, Chiara Lubich, John Ermiglia and also the communities who were victims of violence such as the victims in Somalia and former Yugoslavia, and the martyred city of Bove.]

11 Jun 2010

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