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All the News about Sandro Calvani and his activities from 1997
Milano, 20/11/2016: Un nuovo umanesimo senza frontiere
Luciano Gualzetti, direttore Caritas Ambrosiana e Matteo Spicuglia giornalista Rai conversano con Sandro Calvani consigliere speciale per la programmazione strategica presso la Mae Fah Luang Foundation a Bangkok su quale può essere una diversa declinazione del profitto per un mondo più felice, attraverso la proposta di indicazioni concrete.

Con Sandro Calvani, Luciano Gualzetti e Matteo Spicuglia

20 novembre 2016 ore 10:30
Borsa Italiana Palazzo Mezzanotte
Sala Gialla
piazza Affari 6, Milano, 27 Oct 2016
Borderline Slavery
ARCMDG Director Dr. Sandro Calvani has authored a chapter in a new multi-authored book titled "Borderline Slavery" published in Oct. 2012 by Ashgate Publishing Co. in the UK and in the USA.

Dr. Calvani’s chapter is on "Migrations: the forgotten link in the nexus between Freedom from Want and Freedom from Fear".

The editor of the book is Prof. Susan Tiano, Dept. of Sociology at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA.
This is the 26th book to which Dr. Calvani contributed one or more chapters. Most subjects analyzed by Dr. Calvani are in the field of sustainable development and human rights.

Last year Dr. Calvani had published a book in Italian titled "Saccheggio Mondiale" (Global Pillage) on the impact of the dark side of globalization on the attainment of MDGs. Which was his 20th book.

Bookshop to buy the book in print or online:

2 Nov 2012

Calvani appointed interim Head of the Human Resources Office
Dr. Alessandro Calvani has been appointed interim Head of the Human Resources Office with immediate effect. This appointment is concurrent to his current position as Director of the ASEAN Centre of Excellence on UN Millennium Development Goals (ARCMDG).

29 Mar 2012
Sandro Calvani, 2011 Prize “A Life for Humanity”
The Italian Diplomatic Academy awards the prize “A LIFE FOR HUMANITY” to Dr. Alessandro Calvani as an International Civil Servant in recognition of long career and exceptional performance in the advancement of international justice and peace and promotion of global public goods.

Dr. Alessandro Calvani has been unanimously chosen as the only recipient of the 2011 award. The motivation highlights his outstanding contribution to innovation and change in the governance of U.N. Millennium Development Goals, and his leadership to attain reform and result orientation of Intl. NGOs and United Nations bodies.

6 Dec 2011
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Asia to crack top university ranks
Educational institutes climb ladder quickly although they have a long way to go, Karl Wilson reports from Sydney.

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China Daily, 2 Dec 2011
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